Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Twilight princess

Myriad emotions flicker on your transitory face
Your scattered locks look like a multicoloured maze
Thousand words through thy eyes ,mouth speaks less
You are my twilight princess.

The red glimmer brings your joy through pain,
Homesick birds form your nice, so nice chain.
Your whisper through the breeze against my ears press,
You are my twilight princess.

Your pretty face reflected in the mirrored lake
Hundred trees bent over to catch a glimpse though fake;
At that time the heart throbs,thought of losing you posses
As you are my twilight princesses.

And suddenly a dark veil descends unseen
Separating you from me by the magician mean
But I won't give up, I would wait for you in this very place,
Oh! You were my twilight princess.
{Hours and flowers fade away but memories and fragrance linger on. So never ever forget me. I will always be near ur heart}
urs sincerely,

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