Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty-- The hunt for the most 'remarkable' terrorist of our times, Bin Laden, finds a dramatic (mostly over-dramatic) conclusion in this Kathryn Bigelow action-adventure. Right from the beginning it was a film begging for attention, trying to poke at the already controversial and over-hyped topic. On the plus side, Jessica Chastain pulled off the role of a dedicated CIA agent who was responsible for the capture of Laden almost to perfection. And if Bigelow deserved an oscar for The Hurt Locker, she atleast deserved a nomination for this one, as she seems to be growing as a director, but still very far from a great one...


  1. A very well directed and acted movie! Its like watching events of last decade from America's perspective (though it may be faulty at times). At a shorter length (20-25 minutes), this movie could have been an outstanding one. However, with good performances and good dialogues, it is still a very good movie to watch.

    1. Agreed amigo. Most of the commercial Hollywood films are quite uni-dimensional in their approach, but other than that this was a good film.