Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lincoln (2012)

Lincoln -- When Steven Speilberg and Daniel Day-Lewis combine, you can rest assured that the final outcome would be quite extraordinary.. The whole movie revolved around the last few years of Lincoln's life, his strife to pass the 13th amendment up-to his assassination at the Ford theater.. To be honest i felt the first hour to be a little dragged, delving too much into the political intricacies, but when the human side of the legend started to emerge, those still expressive eyes of DDL showed that behind all that power there still lived a vulnerable person who loved his son and cared for his wife, the film reached a whole new zenith. Can't think of anyone else taking home the best actor Oscar. 

I can't vouch for historical accuracy but I felt that some characters were exaggerated for the sake of cinematic appeal. But the film had the power to make the viewer feel about what was happening out there. When the vote was taking place to decide whether or not to pass the amendment, I secretly cheered for the Republicans. And when they won, I felt myself joining the celebrations. That is the point of a movie, right? To make you feel along with the characters, to laugh with them and cry with them. In this regard, Lincoln was an astounding success. 

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