Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A nightmare before xam

I woke up at the middle of the night,
Struck by fear,startled by fright;
The demons that plagued my nightmare,
Seemed to linger near and stare.....

They were no ordinary fiend,no blood sucking vampire,
They were the evil spirits of tomorrow's exam,the scariest out there.
They devour on happiness,chase away peace of mind,
No spell can peter-out them,they're only one of a kind....

I sat bewildered,the table on which i was sleeping groaned,
The gaping book ahead,which yesterday i had loaned,
Was smirking,and i could see the flash of it's teeth,
Ready to chew me in, page number seventieth..

I took a look,into the book;but to no avail,
The words seemed to run away,leaving no trail.
And i started running behind,trying hard to catch,
But every-time they eluded me,ahead of me by a notch..

Tired of running i finally decided,
Better not to make my brain any more confounded,
So once again i took the book as a pillow under my head,
And once again i slept like dead........

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dev D(2009)

 koee ummeed bar naheen aatee
koee soorat nazar naheen aatee
maut ka ek din mu’ayyan hai
neehd kyon raat bhar naheeh aatee?
aage aatee thee haal-e-dil pe hansee
ab kisee baat par naheen aatee
 jaanta hoon sawaab-e-taa’at-o-zahad

The ultimate tragic hero of Bengali literature, saratchandra chattopadhay's superlative creation, Devdas finds a new incarnation in Anurag kashyap's Dev-D. It is in a way a ground breaking film in Bollywood where the actors don't sing and dance around trees(here beer bars),and nobody is morally and politically perfect.And the hero the the most morally compromised guy in the whole movie!!

It begins with young dev sitting on the staircases near a river and paro running with a tiffin box in her hand, her destination-dev.Dev goes to London,comes home vilaiti-munda whom everyone looks up on,he takes advantage of all the attention and slowly but surely drifts away from paro.. Paro tries hard to reconnect,to re-spark the lost love, but Dev seems beyond repairs.And ultimately paro marries some other guy and goes away.And the time was ripe for dev to realize that paro was the love of his life.. But he has gone to a point of no return and his only way out is immersing himself in wine. Carrying out this way of life he meets with leni(chanda) and falls in love with her too..And then  a series of events unfurl,taking dev towards his destiny.

All the performances were top notch.Abhay Deol has already made a mark in Bollywood as an actor who doesn't follow the formula.His potrayal of dev is one which stays and lingers on,even when the film is over. Mahie gill as paro symbolized Indian feminism,with eyes speaking for her in situations when the lips didn't part.Kalki Koechlin as leni was a revelation.The ease with which she carried the supremely complex character deserves more than a standing ovation..The music was exemplary, blending perfectly with the tone and grayish hue of the film..

Dev D doesn't seek for sympathy of the viewer,it connects with the viewer and tells-this one could be you,,,  films like these are keeping bollywood alive,helping it to survive among all the trash being churned out at the speed of knots..

A time to kill(1996)

A time to kill,
and a time to heal;
a time to break down,
and a time to build up;

Another John Grisham courtroom drama cum suspense thriller turned into a film,, with serious doses of some 'ism's...
To begin with, racialism, then sexism, then favoritism,then clan-ism and at last 'they all live happily ever after'-ism....

It begins with two white guys almost killing a 10 yr old black girl by means of some very graphic acts,the father of the girl getting enraged and killing them both in-front of a million eyes...And then the usual Grisham stuff follows, legendary lawyers,prodigious lawyers,good jury, bad jury,complicated judge and a scintillating courtroom drama..

Apart from the clan thing thrown in here and there, which seemed outright foolish and out of place,this film was enjoyable and thrilling. Acting was good, Matthew McConaughey as the prodigious young lawyer who felt for the convict,Sandra Bullock as the his helper, and Samuel L. Jackson as the convict;everybody delivered...

P.S- Samuel L. Jackson looked like Nana patekar's clone in this film.. see for yourself...

Monday, May 17, 2010

A divine drop

I looked up at the sky,mesmerized;
The sky like a large dome full of
dreams lined with silvery clouds raised,
To touch the zenith,through the horizon..

The black clouds as nightmares
Blotted away the azure
Like the devil plaguing my dreams;
Trying to seize everything pure..

I still looked above;
The gentle breeze tantalizing my hair;
My mind like fleeting birds
Was gliding far,far and far..

I heard the distant symphonies of heaven,
Feeling the harmony in the tune of God's lyre
My heart pounded,and full of divine elation,
The surrounding was lost as in oblivion..

The frolicking kids got rinsed
from my sight.
so did the yellow leaves withered,
Seeking refuge in the rising wind..

The whole sky was now dark,
With little converging patches of blue,
The thunder began to crack,
The whole firmament into two..

My heart unknowingly knelt,
At the feet of the great power-
That caused the cloud to melt,,
That was behind the forest's murmur..

Then the first drop of rain
Like the blessing of the almighty
Fell on my eye,washing away
Some of the dreams,
Breaking the chord with everything bygone...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Stay alive(2006)

Come to me, clouds. 
May you rise as an evil storm,
born to rip them open. 
Let the cover of night bear witness;
and destroy those who resist,
so they shall harm me not.
Let the blood of many cleanse me, 
preserving beauty eternal, I pray you. 

A game begins, a deserted boulevard, a dilapidated mansion with creaking doors, shadows looming here and there, an ancient curse, and a super-evil spirit trying to come back to life..

Now u'll think, wait;i've seen this kinda stuff like a million times...and I won't disagree... this is a teen horror flick where a survival horror game is given a life and it's on a killing spree... so please keep ur brain on the shut down or hibernate mode...

But apart from the 'giving competition to pot-holes on Indian roads' plot, this is a decent film.. It tries out almost all the scary elements,, right from the super agile and gymnastics champion 'ring' ghosts, to the red cloak wearing female version of dracula... From the smoky atmospheres to rustic torture chambers, it tries to culminate all..

The acting is passable if u consider that they are trying to portray that they're being scared of a video game..

Recommended to all those who enjoy survival horror games in the lines of silent hill,and who liked the descent,or for that matter man v/s wild.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010


To my ex-best friends
Don´t know how we grew apart
To my favorite band
And sing-alongs in my car
To the face I see
In my memories
Where are you now?

To the ones who cared
And who were there from the start
To the love that left
and took a piece of my heart
To the few who´d swear
I´d never go anywhere
Where are you now?

When the past haunts,the only way out is to move on, into the future,through the present... And the path is bandslam.. The steps to glory,the means to recognition... Will Burton is a troubled kid. He was teased to hell in his old school and when his mom moved into New jersy, he got what he wanted for so long-- anonymity.. But as time passed, will's penchant and great knowledge of music was disclosed and by a series of very 'predictable' yet 'likable' events he wins many hearts and becomes a 'semi-star' manager of a school band.. The greatest part of this film is it's soundtrack.Great Indie tracks mingled with a nice underdog story is bound to touch you..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Powercut at zeus's drawing room

It is power-cut at Zeus's drawing room;
The whole world is in blackout,awaiting doom.
His lightning bolt is hanging by the switchboard,
Mildly flickering with the last drops of charge stored..

The butterflies at the garden of Eden are losing color
The trees in the world are no more of green demeanor.
Actually there are no more trees;no more singing bird,
No more swift breezes playing on yellow fields of mustard..

Poseidon's palace is withering,the walls falling in,
The whole world is arid, not a drop of rain.
His trident is lying around in a lonely corner;
Rusted,fragile,deprived of all it's power..

The mermaids at the depths of the ocean are endangered;
The corals in the world are no more multicolored;
Actually there are no more corals,no more flying dolphins,
No more towering waves riding on whale's fins..

It is party time at Hades's outhouse;
The whole world is burning,nothing left to douse.
His two pronged fork glittering in the shadow;
Darkness rippling on it's blades,casting a fiendish afterglow..

The furies are shrieking with delight;
There's no light in world,it's eternal night.
Hell has broken loose,the roses are no more red;
Actually there are no more roses,the last one was my heart that bled.

Earthlings--It's time to wake up

Of all the creatures ever,man is the most detestable,
He's the only creature that inflicts pain for sport;
Knowing it to be pain...............................

Earthling, this word stands for one who inhabits the world..

And many a times we tend to forget that we share this world with millions of other species and that we are not the ultimate masters who can do any damn thing to these non-human species without any consideration about their welfare.....

Animals have long been considered our companions,source of our food,clothing,entertainment etc.. But very few of us know or care to know the conditions under which all these is done..

"If all slaughterhouses had transparent walls,most probably all of us would turn vegetarians"... The way pigs,cattle,chicken etc are hoarded in together,given artificial diets which  would contribute to their unnatural fattening which is virtually impossible in the incredibly congested and filthy atmosphere and most importantly the way in which they are slaughtered, still shaking and writhing in pain as blood drains out from their bodies with their offspring watching over is simply disgusting to say the least...

There are several laws which prohibit mistreatment of animals,but do the biggest industries of the world which make sky-rocketing profits from these animals who don't know how to speak in our tongue to make us understand the pain we're inflicting on them; care about the laws?? No, they don't... It's upto us to make them understand, upto us to take a step...

Wild animals are being captivated and tortured to entertain us, in circuses,zoo's and several other violent games like bull fighting... some say zoos are for educational purposes,but what education can we possibly get by watching wild animals being held captive in a small cage? Zoos will exist as long as our interest for exotic things will exist,and animals will be treated just like that---things....

It's time we stop making the sea red with whale blood,it's time we stop killing animals in the name of scientific experiments, it's time to take steps in order to preserve the balance of nature,it's time to think about the other earthlings..

Here are things u can do--

1.adopt from shelters.spray and neuter your pets.Never buy from pet stores or breeders.

2.stop wearing leather,fur,down and wool

3.refuse to support animals in entertainment including circuses,zoos,rodeos etc

4.never buy products tested on animals.only support research where animals are not used.

Change doesn't come in a day, but change does come from YOU..

Pioneer the change and see the world change around you...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American splendor(2003)

Avoid the reeking herd;
Shun the polluted flock,
Live like that stoic bird,
The eagle of the rock.

 Comic book mingles with real life which in turn, turns into reel life of the ordinary superhero-Harvey pekar....  Right form the the comic book type opening sequence, this semi-autobiographical work is captivating........The struggle of a ordinary man who could never rise out of his mediocrity but still attained idol status is nothing short of fantasy..........
The way the film was presented is quite exquisite.... Background commentary by real life pekar,who sometimes even came into foreground,added with glimpses from the original American splendor comics  helped to create the perfect concoction for an exquisite experience, .....
Harvey's life was complex, his loneliness,his queer companions,his search for love,his fight against cancer, everything was extraordinary within the realm of ordinariness...

Recommended to all those who like autobiographical works,graphical style  

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dedicated to History

History, you are the mystery yet to be unveiled,
The story of God,the symphony
of all those who came and took shield
under this big bright blue sky..

History, you are the steps of time;
Walking through,from a moment immemorial,
Keeping account of the chime
of almighty;the edifice and rubble..

History, you bring into being,
The forgotten stories of mankind.
All forget, but you remember every song
sung by the lover, bleeding in mind..

History,u aren't a dilapidated calender of lost dates,
You are the sweet smell of lilacs,
which made the poets mendicant,And gates
that brought treasure of life to maniacs..

History,you remind me of the sparkling chandeliers,
The splendor of forgotten courts,
The plight of a million peasants;
And the song of the vagrant,gliding through the vales..

History, you are the path,
that makes past come near;
The feeling of isolation which I hath
preserved for centuries,bereft my dear..

History,You are the impression of the bygone,
The light of past creeping through the crevices
of the bolted door of time,and alone
I stand before it;perplexed at the coagulated hours..

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yesterday upon the stairs,
I met a man who wasn't there,
He wasn't there again today,
I wish, I wish, he'd go away. 

Rain splattering down all over, and blood giving it a close competition..... 10 ppl stuck in a dingy motel,one severely injured, one cop ,one convict and several shady characters included... and as expected suddenly a competition begins of who can get killed before whom and the countdown begins to give the gold medal to the struggling survivor....... But all of a sudden enters a mental patient,hence changing  the entire ball game.....it's  like u bought a ticket to watch Baichung Bhutia scoring goals, but instead u see yusuf pathan hitting sixes.. ,, none the less, it's very entertaining.... and the twist in the tail,, really twists it painfully hard,, overall, nice thriller film...

It did have it's funny moments though--

how can u kill someone by an overspeeding car when ur speedometer reads zero?

How can a broken lock hold a door when 2 ppl were trying to choke-slam it, undertaker style??

there r many more, but i don't wanna give the spoilers here..
 So it's recommended to all those who liked films like-- shutter island, stay, Mulholland drive etc... 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Poem of a prisoner

The wind is rustling through the
Corridors of time;
I am alone,captive in a room
Enjoying the punishment of my crime.

Some day in the dark prison,
I think of my lost days,
Some days I can feel the green of meadows,
And smell the fresh hays..

On some murky nights i can feel,
A hand slowly caressing me to sleep
A whispering voice telling me,
Everything is fine,and faith to keep...

I've forgotten whose voice it was,
I don't recall a single face,
But I know I killed a man,
And deliberately left a trace..

I don't remember who he was,
Or what he had done to me;
But my mind tells me if i meet him again,
I'll kill him again;with glee..

I'm losing control of my mind,
It wanders off in dark dungeons without me,
It forgets I'm scared of the dark.
I scream; but no-one hears my plea...

When the sun rays peep in through the bars,
Once or twice a day,
A vague picture of a vacation refurbishes,
Myself in a beach on may..

These bright thoughts,
which kept me alive for these fifteen years,
Are now fading away slowly,
The smiles in the photographs turning into tears...

The voice and the caressing hand,
Have gyrated into nightmares,
I can feel my life slowly wilting away;
Slowly crumbling into several layers........

oil conservation--- a way of life

On the verge of vanishing
Indifference worth punishing
Let’s all pledge conserving.

As the human race is constantly marching towards achieving new
heights of technology and machinery development; the thing which we
are overlooking is the raw material which has enabled us and literally
fuelled us towards this development. We are overlooking the dwindling status of the most
valuable commodity in this planet today,

If we look into the present scenario, horrifying data emerge.
We have already used up half of all the recoverable oil that ever existed on our planet.
According to British Petroleum world oil reserves stand at 1238 billion barrels. At present, yearly world oil production stands at 31 billion barrels. There is enough oil to last 40 years if production holds constant and no new oil is found. oil formation is a very complex and time consuming process, spanning over millions of years. Hence we can say that oil is a non-renewable source of energy and can't be resurfaced at our will.

And while the sources are finite, the utility and usage of oil in the present world is unlimited. Right from the synthetic curtains hanging on our windows, to the rubber shoes on our feet; the candle, the compact disc or the camera film; almost every little thing we use is a by-product of oil or petroleum. So we can easily apprehend that we can’t just throw oil out of the window and jump into some other alternatives. Hence the easiest way out is cutting down our usage of oil and conserving it so that the world doesn’t run out of its most precious commodity prematurely.

The methods we can inculcate in our lifestyle can make a grand difference in the long run.

Oil is the most dominant source of energy in world today. Be it the industries or our home, the source of energy can eventually be traced back to oil and petroleum. So to conserve oil we must turn to the non conventional sources of energy. solar ,wind and geothermal energy can serve as the path following which we can displace oil from it’s numero-uno position. Usage of solar lamp in case of a power cut, using motors driven by wind to pull water can well are cheap and environment friendly too.

The first next step should be slackening our over dependency on motor vehicles. Lesser utilization of private cars is a primary way of saving petrol, diesel and LPG-the most direct derivatives of oil. We can walk or cycle for minor distances, and take the aid of public buses for larger distances. This is also a more healthy option. The increasing pollution can also be checked by following these simple notions.

Our next measure will be targeting plastic. Plastic bottle is made from the same petrochemical as the fiber we call polyester. Plastic objects have become so intermingled in our lives that living without using one or the other plastic product is virtually unthinkable. Plastic medical instruments, building materials, automobile parts, cell phones, toys and tools make things in this world affordable, convenient and portable. Estimates are that 4 percent of total oil and petroleum is used in making and marketing plastic products. Energy experts doubt that, should demand for plastic diminish, there would be less drilling and production of oil. The recycling of plastic bottles - particularly those made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) - is abysmal. Up to 80 percent of PET beverage bottles end up in landfills where they take 1,000 years to degrade. The same is true of the over-abundant plastic wrapping used on many products - from small toys and cosmetics entombed in many square inches of plastic to electronics and larger items. But unfortunately we don’t have enough substitutes to plastic.

So our endeavour should be to use as less plastic as possible. We can carry jute bags to market and abrogate polypacks. We could use glass jars and bowels wherever possible; like for keeping milk or feeding the cat. We can replace the fancy plastic tiffin boxes with the stainless steel ones. Cast iron pans which don’t have any Teflon coating are good options for frying. Instead of using manmade synthetic rubber we can opt for natural rubber products which can be more durable and useful.

The dominant sources of entertainment in today’s world- compact discs and audio cassettes are also refined petroleum. Polycarbonate and polyester films in generous doses are implemented in marketing these. As music is an inseparable part of our lives, we can’t just stop listening to music. But we can switch over to the conventional radio or the internet radio. Although these products also derive their sources from petroleum, they are one time investments and hence can cut down the overuse of petroleum.

After satisfying the soul with music comes the turn of satisfying the body with food. And no surprise that we find our old friend oil here also. Apart from the direct oil we use in our food, the Food additives are yet another petrochemical. Many of these additives increase the shelf-life of canned food. Oil is invariably harmful for our body and results in accumulation of fat and other serious ailments. So we have to keep away from using too much oil in our food. Olive oil is a healthy alternative. We should shrink consumption of canned food also.

Following the quenching of hunger, we turn to dressing up. Most of the fibres like rayon, Dacron etc used in clothing industry are spin-offs of petroleum. Through refining, petroleum can be turned into many types of petrochemicals. One of these is synthetic fibers, which can be woven into dresses, curtains and carpets. By setting aside fibre and silk based products we can contribute hugely towards saving oil. Totally getting rid of all synthetic fibres is not possible in this modern world. But we can at least try wearing cotton shirts or using jute carpets. There are many indigenous industries producing beautiful covers, drapes etc out of replenishable objects. By using them we will also be doing the country’s economy a great help.

And now as both our stomach and soul are content, we turn creative. And here comes the mightier than sword pen. The colour of most pen ink is the result of dyes. These dyes are made from petrochemicals.
We can’t just cease the usage of pens, but we can use pencils whenever possible.

Ah, just as everyone was hale and hearty, the Pandora’s Box accidentally popped open. And as usual we find oil and its sources to the rescue. Some medicines, such as penicillin, are made by organisms, but most are manufactured from chemicals, and many of these are made from petroleum products. Acetylsalicylic acid, or ASA, is the active component in many of the well-known, over-the-counter pain relievers. ASA is manufactured from petrochemicals. One of the first uses of oil, dating back thousands of years, was as medicine. The alternative to this is right in our grasp. The ayurvedic and unani medicines are efficient and could cut down the oil overuse.

In this essay we delved into some most common aspects of human life and tried to find substitutes to the conventional oil and petroleum sources and hence discover ways of making oil conservation a way of life.most of the times we are faced with a a dilemma as to what difference will my following the rules will make.if every1 thinks like this, the situation can never improve but if every1 contributes, the world can be a better place in a jiffy. But our life is literally so engrossed in oil that we can’t just cut out oil from our daily life. but as oil can’t last forever, we have to look for alternatives. As we have found here, the other way round is most of the times more profitable and environment friendly. So why can’t we just innovate a little and make the earth a more beautiful place to live on......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

5 centimeters per second

This was like a poem flowing,,,, flowing through the flying cherry blossoms, touching the drifting snow flakes, trying to meet with the sky riding on the wings of the bird,,,,, a poem which fell as tears from the eyes of akari,, a poem which was etched on the snow splattered glass window of the train through which takaki's distant gaze marked his eternal wait.. a poem written on the tracks of the lives of everyone,, moving 5 centimeters away from each other,, each second....

Mary and max(2009)

I wanted to watch a light hearted funny film the night before my exams.. So i chose an animation film,based upon my previous experiences with animation, which have almost always lightened me up..... But this one was a hell lot different....this was my 2nd slowmotion claymotion animation film,, and i noticed that these kinda movies give a more lasting impression... just like molding a bit of soft clay.... This movie id severely depressing,,, and i mean it in a positive way.. the way max and mary's characters were etched out,, one colourless,the other multicolored,,although both their worlds were virtually colourless,,, the way their relationship develops over a series of letters,, how it moves with passing time........ this was a result of a very close observation of many different characters and arguably a work of great precision....

Back to square one

The song of the cuckoo reminded me
Of the days of fun and that of glee,
The chime of the church bells rings through my ears;
The battle for the cup, and the cheers.
I used to be like that..oh yes my companion!
But now its all back to square one

The long walk through lonely ways
The trees aside,the leaf sways
To commemorate the last words
That was told by time and lords
Who left my fortune yet undecided
To reminisce about the lost glade
Of happiness and childhood plays and frown.
But now its all back to square one.

I now look at the approaching dawn
And not at the bygone dusk:
I now talk to myself to urge on
For a life that's less than a task.
My heart beats and shows the path
Where once the bright sunlight shone
But now its all back to square one............

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lost caravan

lost caravan

i missed d train amidst the rustle/
but still i cudn't help but hear the leaves rustle/
in the swooshing autumn wind/
that brought back again the memories i had left behind

lost in thought for another decade/
hope i can uncover that facade/
and discover myself once again/
thru that bleeding heart which time has slain

Hard to rediscover lost fate/
Either mazed up in dazed crate/
Entangled in dis world of forgotten vows/
Letting out another sigh/
Obliterating remaining traces of another strangled lie

a glimpse at the silvered glass/
finds u in a state unprecedented/
lookin at u is a forgotten carcass/
the other side of u, dented...

delving into sea of hallucinogenic ambiguity.

Kites of my fragmented memories fluttering up high,/
ushered in hushed hums,trickling down the eye./
stentorian sounds faded away into silence,/
hidden hustles of hundreds marking the threnody of my trance./
alighting again in a lost corner of my hurt heart,/
lost fires whose ashes still drench the rainless desert.

reverberating around the obfuscated classroom;/

angry rebukes,loving pats and tired sighs loom./
jade joys now wilting away,turning pale,/
devoured by time;disoriented by its mighty gale;/
even now i wanna drown in that pensive to make my stale soul hale

final frontiers...(inspired by HP)

The wind from whistling woods whispers words
That sound so familiar
The sparkling sun utters a spell to conjure
A ray of hope glistening; from thin air.

The somber sky with stars coruscate a dream
Thousand thoughts though nebulous,
Featuring faces full of fear from a faraway stream.
Carcasses covering the lamp of life..

A crinkle in the farragoed odyssey kindles a new dawn,
A beam crawling through the crevices of dark dungeons.
Amidst ocean of adversities a heart stands alone;
A skirmish against the marquess waged for life...

Time has never been so treacherous before;
Men mingled in memory mesmerize me today.
A spirit prophecies the pioneer of a lore
To be heard, to be told, to be there to stay..

Dark shadows of future
Secrets to be unveiled
Hope there be a rupture
In the foghorn of the periled...

The shadows instigate intentions encore...
Life has never been like this before....................


Teardops in a rainless desert

I'm standing alone in this desert of yours,
Searching for rain from behind closed doors,
Waiting forever at the gate of paradise;
The scorching sun has dried even the tears from my eyes...

Time has been treacherous before,
Stealing away the dreams from my soul's core.
I'm getting obscure,fading away slowly,
Now only your shower can empower this bird with broken wings to fly...

The sand storm is closing in,it is getting stronger,
I dunno if I can hold it away any longer.
I can't see any more,my eyes are getting blind;
But still I'll keep searching for u,even if i dunno where to find...

I dunno if I am wrong, if I am chasing the wrong mirage,
I dunno if I'm trying to free the bird from the wrong cage,
But i know untill tears stop dropping from my heart,
I will be looking for u, in your lonely melancholy desert...

Rain regained

Another blessing from heaven,
Another sprig sprouting from a land barren,
Another sign that someone still cries for you,
Another promise of a bright day new...

A sparkling drop purifying the heart,
A inspiration to instigate a new start;
A laughter reverberating across horizon,
A force that whispers silently-carry on...

It is the dance of shadows in the light,
It is the chance of feeling day at midnight;
It is the beauty of a trembling touch,
It is the serenity of evading the scorching sun under a birch...

Dirge of a tethered feather

Flightless bird, you weren't anything without me,
I gave u the audacity to be free.
Broken wings upon cloud nine,
There went ur chance to make it fine,
And now I'm stuck over a stinging cone of pine...

Flightless bird, did u forget about me?
The days we had together,the moments of glee?
I gave u the colour that brightened the horizon,
It was my touch that carried u on,
And now u've left me with two dew drops and a foggy dawn...

Flightless bird, don't u want to go back to those days,
when we played hide and seek with the sun's rays?
When the raindrops glistened over ur back,
when sweet melodies emerged from ur neck
And now i'm floating over dirty yellow autumn leaves near an old shack...

Flightless bird, I don't blame u, the event was inevitable,
I was supposed to be forgotten as I was turning pale.
My colours faded and it was all my fault
That i couldn't stop time, couldn't make it halt.
And now slowly dissolving into oblivion,i keep staring at cloud no. nine....

Twilight princess

Myriad emotions flicker on your transitory face
Your scattered locks look like a multicoloured maze
Thousand words through thy eyes ,mouth speaks less
You are my twilight princess.

The red glimmer brings your joy through pain,
Homesick birds form your nice, so nice chain.
Your whisper through the breeze against my ears press,
You are my twilight princess.

Your pretty face reflected in the mirrored lake
Hundred trees bent over to catch a glimpse though fake;
At that time the heart throbs,thought of losing you posses
As you are my twilight princesses.

And suddenly a dark veil descends unseen
Separating you from me by the magician mean
But I won't give up, I would wait for you in this very place,
Oh! You were my twilight princess.
{Hours and flowers fade away but memories and fragrance linger on. So never ever forget me. I will always be near ur heart}
urs sincerely,

who am I?

I am the smile which never fades;
I am the song of the everglades,
Who wipes off all the grief in one blow,
Makes you laugh and your heart glow.

I am the solitary tree in this desert,
The monsoon wind to your dry heart
I am the time machine who will
Help you rejoice the past warmth of summer and winter chill.

Whoever on this beautiful earth you are
I will always make you feel better.
I will be your friend till the sun shines,
Till the whistling wind blows past the pines.

So why wait for a perfect friend there in the star,
Now you must have realized your goal is not far,
Take that mouse and send me a friendship request,
Or accept my friendship request and let me do the rest.