Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to square one

The song of the cuckoo reminded me
Of the days of fun and that of glee,
The chime of the church bells rings through my ears;
The battle for the cup, and the cheers.
I used to be like that..oh yes my companion!
But now its all back to square one

The long walk through lonely ways
The trees aside,the leaf sways
To commemorate the last words
That was told by time and lords
Who left my fortune yet undecided
To reminisce about the lost glade
Of happiness and childhood plays and frown.
But now its all back to square one.

I now look at the approaching dawn
And not at the bygone dusk:
I now talk to myself to urge on
For a life that's less than a task.
My heart beats and shows the path
Where once the bright sunlight shone
But now its all back to square one............

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