Monday, May 24, 2010

Dev D(2009)

 koee ummeed bar naheen aatee
koee soorat nazar naheen aatee
maut ka ek din mu’ayyan hai
neehd kyon raat bhar naheeh aatee?
aage aatee thee haal-e-dil pe hansee
ab kisee baat par naheen aatee
 jaanta hoon sawaab-e-taa’at-o-zahad

The ultimate tragic hero of Bengali literature, saratchandra chattopadhay's superlative creation, Devdas finds a new incarnation in Anurag kashyap's Dev-D. It is in a way a ground breaking film in Bollywood where the actors don't sing and dance around trees(here beer bars),and nobody is morally and politically perfect.And the hero the the most morally compromised guy in the whole movie!!

It begins with young dev sitting on the staircases near a river and paro running with a tiffin box in her hand, her destination-dev.Dev goes to London,comes home vilaiti-munda whom everyone looks up on,he takes advantage of all the attention and slowly but surely drifts away from paro.. Paro tries hard to reconnect,to re-spark the lost love, but Dev seems beyond repairs.And ultimately paro marries some other guy and goes away.And the time was ripe for dev to realize that paro was the love of his life.. But he has gone to a point of no return and his only way out is immersing himself in wine. Carrying out this way of life he meets with leni(chanda) and falls in love with her too..And then  a series of events unfurl,taking dev towards his destiny.

All the performances were top notch.Abhay Deol has already made a mark in Bollywood as an actor who doesn't follow the formula.His potrayal of dev is one which stays and lingers on,even when the film is over. Mahie gill as paro symbolized Indian feminism,with eyes speaking for her in situations when the lips didn't part.Kalki Koechlin as leni was a revelation.The ease with which she carried the supremely complex character deserves more than a standing ovation..The music was exemplary, blending perfectly with the tone and grayish hue of the film..

Dev D doesn't seek for sympathy of the viewer,it connects with the viewer and tells-this one could be you,,,  films like these are keeping bollywood alive,helping it to survive among all the trash being churned out at the speed of knots..

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