Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dirge of a tethered feather

Flightless bird, you weren't anything without me,
I gave u the audacity to be free.
Broken wings upon cloud nine,
There went ur chance to make it fine,
And now I'm stuck over a stinging cone of pine...

Flightless bird, did u forget about me?
The days we had together,the moments of glee?
I gave u the colour that brightened the horizon,
It was my touch that carried u on,
And now u've left me with two dew drops and a foggy dawn...

Flightless bird, don't u want to go back to those days,
when we played hide and seek with the sun's rays?
When the raindrops glistened over ur back,
when sweet melodies emerged from ur neck
And now i'm floating over dirty yellow autumn leaves near an old shack...

Flightless bird, I don't blame u, the event was inevitable,
I was supposed to be forgotten as I was turning pale.
My colours faded and it was all my fault
That i couldn't stop time, couldn't make it halt.
And now slowly dissolving into oblivion,i keep staring at cloud no. nine....

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