Friday, May 14, 2010

Stay alive(2006)

Come to me, clouds. 
May you rise as an evil storm,
born to rip them open. 
Let the cover of night bear witness;
and destroy those who resist,
so they shall harm me not.
Let the blood of many cleanse me, 
preserving beauty eternal, I pray you. 

A game begins, a deserted boulevard, a dilapidated mansion with creaking doors, shadows looming here and there, an ancient curse, and a super-evil spirit trying to come back to life..

Now u'll think, wait;i've seen this kinda stuff like a million times...and I won't disagree... this is a teen horror flick where a survival horror game is given a life and it's on a killing spree... so please keep ur brain on the shut down or hibernate mode...

But apart from the 'giving competition to pot-holes on Indian roads' plot, this is a decent film.. It tries out almost all the scary elements,, right from the super agile and gymnastics champion 'ring' ghosts, to the red cloak wearing female version of dracula... From the smoky atmospheres to rustic torture chambers, it tries to culminate all..

The acting is passable if u consider that they are trying to portray that they're being scared of a video game..

Recommended to all those who enjoy survival horror games in the lines of silent hill,and who liked the descent,or for that matter man v/s wild.....

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