Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mary and max(2009)

I wanted to watch a light hearted funny film the night before my exams.. So i chose an animation film,based upon my previous experiences with animation, which have almost always lightened me up..... But this one was a hell lot different....this was my 2nd slowmotion claymotion animation film,, and i noticed that these kinda movies give a more lasting impression... just like molding a bit of soft clay.... This movie id severely depressing,,, and i mean it in a positive way.. the way max and mary's characters were etched out,, one colourless,the other multicolored,,although both their worlds were virtually colourless,,, the way their relationship develops over a series of letters,, how it moves with passing time........ this was a result of a very close observation of many different characters and arguably a work of great precision....

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