Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A nightmare before xam

I woke up at the middle of the night,
Struck by fear,startled by fright;
The demons that plagued my nightmare,
Seemed to linger near and stare.....

They were no ordinary fiend,no blood sucking vampire,
They were the evil spirits of tomorrow's exam,the scariest out there.
They devour on happiness,chase away peace of mind,
No spell can peter-out them,they're only one of a kind....

I sat bewildered,the table on which i was sleeping groaned,
The gaping book ahead,which yesterday i had loaned,
Was smirking,and i could see the flash of it's teeth,
Ready to chew me in, page number seventieth..

I took a look,into the book;but to no avail,
The words seemed to run away,leaving no trail.
And i started running behind,trying hard to catch,
But every-time they eluded me,ahead of me by a notch..

Tired of running i finally decided,
Better not to make my brain any more confounded,
So once again i took the book as a pillow under my head,
And once again i slept like dead........


  1. hahaha..thats nice..and pretty commonly seen in most of us..U presented it wel in the form of a short poetry.good work..:)

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  3. @ vamsi, thanks a lot..

    personal experience, u see...