Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teardops in a rainless desert

I'm standing alone in this desert of yours,
Searching for rain from behind closed doors,
Waiting forever at the gate of paradise;
The scorching sun has dried even the tears from my eyes...

Time has been treacherous before,
Stealing away the dreams from my soul's core.
I'm getting obscure,fading away slowly,
Now only your shower can empower this bird with broken wings to fly...

The sand storm is closing in,it is getting stronger,
I dunno if I can hold it away any longer.
I can't see any more,my eyes are getting blind;
But still I'll keep searching for u,even if i dunno where to find...

I dunno if I am wrong, if I am chasing the wrong mirage,
I dunno if I'm trying to free the bird from the wrong cage,
But i know untill tears stop dropping from my heart,
I will be looking for u, in your lonely melancholy desert...

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