Wednesday, May 5, 2010

final frontiers...(inspired by HP)

The wind from whistling woods whispers words
That sound so familiar
The sparkling sun utters a spell to conjure
A ray of hope glistening; from thin air.

The somber sky with stars coruscate a dream
Thousand thoughts though nebulous,
Featuring faces full of fear from a faraway stream.
Carcasses covering the lamp of life..

A crinkle in the farragoed odyssey kindles a new dawn,
A beam crawling through the crevices of dark dungeons.
Amidst ocean of adversities a heart stands alone;
A skirmish against the marquess waged for life...

Time has never been so treacherous before;
Men mingled in memory mesmerize me today.
A spirit prophecies the pioneer of a lore
To be heard, to be told, to be there to stay..

Dark shadows of future
Secrets to be unveiled
Hope there be a rupture
In the foghorn of the periled...

The shadows instigate intentions encore...
Life has never been like this before....................


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