Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Changing towards another change

Chiming start-up music on my laptop speakers,
Heralded me towards a startling start
As i bumped unknowingly on my overused sneakers,
Noise turned into pandemonium as the alarm on my mobile began playing it's part..
Getting up from sleep was never easy for me,
Endless gaming last night on the PSP didn't help the wake-up time...

Is today gonna be another day i live tangled in the wires of all my gadgets,
Sleeping over keyboards and checking news in PC tablets??

Eager was my stomach, it wanted to eat something that wasn't heated
ASAP on my microwave, and my body had every right to feel cheated.
So I decided to put an end to the ever rising commotion;
Yelled and stormed out of my room to put a change of lifestyle into motion......

(And i did succeed after some tries, and couple of days and some stress induced insomnia..... This post is for the "Change is easy" contest organized by DELL...) 

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