Friday, December 31, 2010

Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

When the truth behind the lie emerges,
The whole wide world gasps and watches,
The inhumanity of humanity,
The untimely death of serenity

Fahrenheit 9/11 , was listed as the best film of the decade in some list i read some time ago.. And i thought,, how can this be, it's just a documentary! Shortly afterwards i got hooked on to documentaries, but didn't see this 1 till today.... And now i see the justification.. It is truly an indicator of how easily we can be succumbed into believing something when fear is used as a weapon..

The documentary by Michael Moore mainly centers around George Bush's term as the president of united states, the unjustified and utterly selfish decisions he made just for the benefit of a handful people and in a very subtle way indicates that democracy in a real sense is non-prevalent in the modern world. Starting with the "who won Florida" controversy right till the aftermath of Iraq war, Moore follows Bush and points out the gaping flaws within the political system.

Some of the most disturbing images of war, the grief of the mothers who lost their sons, the crying shrieks of relatives have been used frame after frame along with false promises and assurances of American politicians and congressmen and the hypocrisy of the leaders is highlighted diligently..  

This film received a 20 minutes standing ovation at Cannes(longest for any film), and it is also the longest selling documentary of all times. Without revealing any plot details, i would say it is a must watch film which will drastically improve your understanding of the world.

Cinematic equivalents may be drawn with zeitgeist and the 11th hour.. 


  1. I watched this doc in NYC and after the film ended, everyone got up and clapped for, what seemed like, half an hour. People were standing on seats and applauding. It was unreal.

    Also, if you like Michael Moore, then watch 'Roger and Me' and also 'Bowling for Columbine'.

  2. Great suggestions.. thanks for them... and really sorry for replying so late.