Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maverick Definitions (part 2)

EXAM--- The dangerous sequence of events including the JAMming of the EGG(metaphor phor the brain :P) in the course of which the flow of necessary information is interrupted.. The condition may worsen, sometimes leading to cracking of the egg, which in turn results into some queer circumstances...  All these events grouped together is called EGG-JAM..

 PROGRAM-- A secret underGround PROject undertaken by the government of India to intricately scrutinize and find out all the lands that were owned, rented or leased by sri RAM and give a detailed report afterwards....  This highly confidential event has been called PRO-G-RAM....

 Elephant--- The shriek of anguish(EEEEEEEE....) emanated from a person's mouth when he/she discovers that he/she has grown so fat that he/she doesn't fit into his/her old LEE(or levis or any other brand) PANT.... This is called EE-LEE-PANT... 

 STUDY--The dangerous course of action undertaken by a STUdent whose marginal overdose can compel him/her to DIE.. This may be regarded as a primary stage of suicide and must be avoided at all costs..

This "severely injurious to mental and physical health" act is often referred as   "STU-DIE" in colloquial terms...


  1. hahaha, very funny, and clever i should say:)

  2. Hi,

    Ur blog is interesting, with lot of variety.
    I enjoyed browsing through your creations. The poetry has dept and I hope you pursue writing :)

    Bright Blessing!!

  3. @Whispers of my heart-- thanks for checking out my blog.... will treasure ur comment :)