Monday, December 19, 2011


Drive- A true to it's soul gritty action film, which never tried to outdo itself.. The muffled silent shots, the blank expressions, haunting background scores, all in all made an amazing amalgamation of splendid back-to-back sequences. Ryan Gosling with his deadpan expressions and deep stares once again proved his raw talent... This movie is bound to become a cult classic, with dedicated fan following.

Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love-- Back to back Ryan Gosling film after Drive on the same day. He pulled off this totally different role with equal panache, he's really a very underrated actor and is bound to be a sensation in future. Nothing much special about the movie, the typical feel good film with average characters. But really good performances by everyone. It'll make you smile if you keep an open heart. Enjoyable overall...

Hachiko- a dog's story

Hachiko: A Dog's Story - A touching true tale of a dog's loyalty pervading through death of his master.. It's gonna leave you with a tear in the corner of your eyes and smile in the corner of your lips...

Winter on my mind

The winter chill makes you feel, that you're still alive;
The changing beat, of the street on the dark drive;
The fleeting fog does clog the numbed down mind;
Still the aspiration for the rising sun puts the night behind.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I didn't know

Wandered in the darkness of the black night,
Foraged for a glimpse of light....
Didn't know then that my eyes had turned blind,
Unlike all those who can see with their eyes, not with mind.

Wanted to watch what was ahead of me,
Life bound in shackles or i'm supposed to be free,
Didn't know then that destiny was not for me to see,
Unlike those who dread the future and try to flee.....

Tried to hear the heavenly symphony
Which could relieve me of the aggravating agony,
Didn't know then that my ears had turned deaf,
But still I could feel the sound of the slowly falling leaf.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Changing towards another change

Chiming start-up music on my laptop speakers,
Heralded me towards a startling start
As i bumped unknowingly on my overused sneakers,
Noise turned into pandemonium as the alarm on my mobile began playing it's part..
Getting up from sleep was never easy for me,
Endless gaming last night on the PSP didn't help the wake-up time...

Is today gonna be another day i live tangled in the wires of all my gadgets,
Sleeping over keyboards and checking news in PC tablets??

Eager was my stomach, it wanted to eat something that wasn't heated
ASAP on my microwave, and my body had every right to feel cheated.
So I decided to put an end to the ever rising commotion;
Yelled and stormed out of my room to put a change of lifestyle into motion......

(And i did succeed after some tries, and couple of days and some stress induced insomnia..... This post is for the "Change is easy" contest organized by DELL...) 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beauty to me

Beauty to me is a child's smile,
Innocence dripping from it,
Lost in his own little world,
Nothing else matters a bit.

Beautiful are his jumbled words,
Whose meaning none can decipher,
Beautiful are his little hands,
Nimble like  pristine feather.

Beauty to me is my mother's face,
Waking me up from sleep,
Beauty is in her twinkling eyes,
The reassuring gaze of promises to keep.

Beautiful is the drop of sweat,
Sparking on her brow,
Beautiful is her sweet smell;
Prevailing even in the afterglow.

This post is regarding the "what does real beauty mean to you" contest.. Please check out  Yahoo! Real Beauty.for taking a sneak peak into a really beautiful world...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A dialog on Bin laden's death.

On the birthday of the master of creation Satyajit ray,the master of destruction Bin laden did perish;;;;

It's definitely a day for the whole wide world to cherish....
23 hours ago ·  · 
    • Ankur Debbarma umm....should we really celebrate another person's death? doesn't that make us as low as him?
      22 hours ago · 
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury it's about celebrating the end of an era of destruction... the person is only symbolic......
      22 hours ago ·  ·  5 people
    • Ankur Debbarma ya u r rt, bt unfortunately the era hasnt ended, al qaida's still dere with their new leader, laden was jst 1 of deir instruments wich has nw bin destroyed
      22 hours ago · 
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury perfect peace will never be possible in the real world... one bad guy dies, a thousand will spring up to take his place,, maybe they will be more sinister.. but still we live for these small victories....
      21 hours ago · 
    • Priyanka Debnath may its an end of a dere r few qs wich we ned 2 asK ourselvs................earlier CIA itslf earlier helpd alqaida wit arms,nw dey r celebratng deir victory??! Morovr in d name of peace US destroyd a whol country namd IRAQ n tuk thousands of inocent lives in afganistan 4 d sake of dat devil???!!! in wat way is US diffrnt den bin laden???
      21 hours ago · 
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury well it was the USA who made laden, and it's clearly evident that USA is the bigger evil operating under the cloak of 'world peace' ... the real terrorists of the world don;t live inside caves and shout allh-hu akbar,, the real terrorists wear 5000$ armani suits and make secret dealings in 7 star hotels...
      21 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Priyanka Debnath ya dats i thnk we shud nt celebrate d death of jst a play doll of deir hands.....D REAL DEVILS R STIL ALIVE!!!!!
      21 hours ago · 
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury that's true... but if we can't relish these small victories, life won't be worth living in this dismal planet....
      20 hours ago · 
    • Priyanka Debnath yah i hav doubts dat whethr osama is realy dead or nt!!!........cos US has nt shown d body properly n dey hav alredy buried him!! n also US has declard many times osama s dead b4 also!!!...................lols :P :D
      20 hours ago · 
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury lol,, never before with this much confidence...
      20 hours ago · 
    • Arijit Kumar Bandyopadhyay bt d biggest question howzz it gonna effect d sensex now..!!
      12 hours ago · 
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury eh, materialistic :P

      the trillions of dollars worth of shares invested in the anti-war companies should come down for the time being i guess...
      12 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Kesaban Sankar Roy Choudhuri my ass...America will create one more LADEN.....America can never stop investing on making enemies..
      8 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury kesu,, stop bringing awkward things like ur ass into every conversation...

      and america didn't invest in making laden their enemy.. laden was a plan to terrorize the world to give away their freedom which backfired...
      2 minutes ago · 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One more time, one more chance

I haven't written about a song earlier. But today I suddenly thought, why not?! I am a firm believer of the statement that music is one of the best ways to express oneself and so here I'm writing about a song which touched my heart for the first time i heard it, and touches it every single time thereafter, whenever I hear it.
This is a Japanese song from the movie "5 centimeters per second" ( I've written about this earlier here-- ) . Don't let the fact that this song is in a language you don't understand bother you, because the distant tune will lure you more into the song (moreover it has english subs :P ) ..

This song is about those unspoken words which you never found the courage to tell. The moments you cherished and how they fled, right under your eyes. And then the long wait, when you searched for that face everywhere, in the darkened alleys in your dream,and amidst the millions of faces swarming past. Then when you realized that you are a changed person, now you understand all the intricacies of life, you turn back. You want to make amends for the past, only to find the still autumn air staring back at you, the fallen withered leaf just drifting away.......

Friday, April 29, 2011

Can't say!!

I can't believe that some people vote "can't say" in polls... Who in their right minds wastes 3 Rs per sms just to let others know they don't have any opinion!! I have seen it in news channel polls, newspaper polls and the list goes on.. I guess someday in the future even the electronic voting machines for parliamentary elections will have an option that says-- "can't decide" .. I mean there is a limit! If you have nothing to say about something then simply keep shut! why waste your money and somebody else's time ( includes my ranting here)..

Again, i have seen people dedicating songs @Rs 10 per song at 2.30 pm.. Shyamlal dedicates "tere bina ab na jeena" to ramlal.. What are the chances of Ramlal watching the show at that time at a crappy channel which plays shitty songs like that? What if Shyamlal's fiancee manmohanlal was watching the show at the time and gets to know about the affair between ramlal and shyamlal? 

Somebody may take the moral of the story to be my miserly attitude, they may ask, why do I care if someone wants to spend their money so that their name appears for 3.36 nanoseconds on national television,, all i can say is that from the next time plz make ur decision count... 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

25th Hour (2002)

This is your last day of freedom;
The last day to smell the flowing air;
Last chance to look at things random;
Noticing which before didn't seem fair...

What will you do when you learn that today is the last day of your freedom before being imprisoned? Do u mourn? do u cry? do u try to run away? or u rejoice the last moments, with your friends? Montgomrey Brogan faces the same dilemma when he is accused of hiding drugs at his place and has to go to prison for atleast 7 years. he decides to take in all the good things with him, at the same time worrying about "what will happen to me in prison"..... And all throughout this film we follow monty's journey through his last day and the reactions and interactions with his close ones...

Edward Norton is brilliant as usual in his portrayal of this seemingly confident but gullible inside character. Philip Seymour Hoffman does the role of a teacher smitten with his student but unsure of the next course of action to perfection. Barry Pepper uses his enticing good looks to play the successful broker and a realist friend.. Rosario Dawson as naturelle was completely natural but sometimes lacking expressions.. All in all the whole cast did a splendid job.

Some scenes of the film command special mention. The "f**k you all" scene where monty lets out his anguish in the form of hatred for the several racial groups and right before the end where people of all those races are seen waving and smiling at monty and he reciprocates. These are very symbolic of harmony and are really cherish-able. The last monologue by monty's father where he gives another chance to set everything right, to run away and build a new home, to realize all the unfulfilled dreams is another scene which makes us think about the futility of freedom....

Friday, April 22, 2011

On the other-side

Staring into the star-shine, waiting for the dawn of my dreams;
stranded pieces of hope loitering above the sparkling streams,
Near, yet so far away stood alone the darkening horizon,
Found another companion,who was also waiting with anticipation..
Waiting for a sky not as azure,for a wind a little pure;
For a soul full of love; for an evergreen cove;
A place which doesn't have the need of rhymes,
Where shadows don't mess up the lights, 
And lights don't mess up the shadows,
Where grey and black are a shade apart,
there, on the other-side of life-dream-reality,, I will be waiting.......

Maverick Definition-Terminator

MAVERICK DEFINITION::: TERMINATOR:: This term is used to refer to a specific variety of students who dedicate their entire TERM (mid-term, end-term, summer-term, or any other) period thINkINg they will study TOmoRrow(and doing other stuff like downloading TORrents)..... That variety has been technically termed as TERM-IN-A-TOR.....

eg-- ME :D

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Exam schedule!

And then i opened the book,
all my mind's power that action took;
soon after i noticed a lizard climbing up the hook,
and as the wind flew,the little leaf by my window shook..
what time would it be, should i take a look?
4pm,feeling a little hungry,perhaps time to eat and cook?
stomach fulfilled,now i sense some sleep creeping along the nook.
6pm,woke up to the alarm sound imitating a cock.
wonder what is going on inside the television block?
its a show i've never seen,but still it mocks the clock!
8pm,and i suddenly remember my long forgotten textbook,
staring at me accusingly and asking,'why did u make me a laughingstock'?