Friday, April 22, 2011

On the other-side

Staring into the star-shine, waiting for the dawn of my dreams;
stranded pieces of hope loitering above the sparkling streams,
Near, yet so far away stood alone the darkening horizon,
Found another companion,who was also waiting with anticipation..
Waiting for a sky not as azure,for a wind a little pure;
For a soul full of love; for an evergreen cove;
A place which doesn't have the need of rhymes,
Where shadows don't mess up the lights, 
And lights don't mess up the shadows,
Where grey and black are a shade apart,
there, on the other-side of life-dream-reality,, I will be waiting.......


  1. Surreal but it always happens when you are in love. I guessed that the companion you mentioned in the poem is the one.

  2. Your way of writing has the echoing effect that a literary piece should have.

    Here is a to a new follower! :-D

  3. @vyankatesh--- thanks a lot :)

  4. @nethra--- yeah,,, wait for the "one" .. u hit the bull's eye :D

  5. @enchanta-- thanks a lot....

    and quoting u-- welcome aboard :P