Friday, April 29, 2011

Can't say!!

I can't believe that some people vote "can't say" in polls... Who in their right minds wastes 3 Rs per sms just to let others know they don't have any opinion!! I have seen it in news channel polls, newspaper polls and the list goes on.. I guess someday in the future even the electronic voting machines for parliamentary elections will have an option that says-- "can't decide" .. I mean there is a limit! If you have nothing to say about something then simply keep shut! why waste your money and somebody else's time ( includes my ranting here)..

Again, i have seen people dedicating songs @Rs 10 per song at 2.30 pm.. Shyamlal dedicates "tere bina ab na jeena" to ramlal.. What are the chances of Ramlal watching the show at that time at a crappy channel which plays shitty songs like that? What if Shyamlal's fiancee manmohanlal was watching the show at the time and gets to know about the affair between ramlal and shyamlal? 

Somebody may take the moral of the story to be my miserly attitude, they may ask, why do I care if someone wants to spend their money so that their name appears for 3.36 nanoseconds on national television,, all i can say is that from the next time plz make ur decision count... 


  1. I so totally agree with EVERY word you've written. :D

    P.S- following you too :)

  2. Guess that gives us (at least people like us who are smart enough to not waste their money in texting answers to TV channels or have who are just too lazy) a clue that most part of those 'polls' and reality are polls apart.

    p.s: dunno, if that made sense. Endless assignments tend to have that effect on you. :-l

  3. @poulomi-- thanks a lot..

    much appreciated :)

  4. @amropali-- they really are polls apart...

    and the same thing is goin on here,,,

    assignment--The horrific periodic events which take place when some people who have some power(or at-least an illusion of it) see ASS(donkey) IN MEN(and woMEN) and force them to work like one.....
    This is ASS-IN-MENt... :P

  5. LOL! Even I think of that.. But neva' thought to make this as a blog post :D nyway... u did it :)

  6. powerful thought
    get counted
    liked it absolutely boss

  7. @madhumati--ha ha,, thanks.. i bothered me for real :P

  8. haha..what a thought! But let me be truthful..i sumtimes do reply back to msgs like 'kaisa hoga aapka pati' ya 'kitni kamyaabi milegi aapko apne career mein' from various mobile services..just to know what d hell will they be answering bk! :P

    curiousity kills d cat u c! btw, a powerful post!