Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A dialog on Bin laden's death.

On the birthday of the master of creation Satyajit ray,the master of destruction Bin laden did perish;;;;

It's definitely a day for the whole wide world to cherish....
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    • Ankur Debbarma umm....should we really celebrate another person's death? doesn't that make us as low as him?
      22 hours ago · 
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury it's about celebrating the end of an era of destruction... the person is only symbolic......
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    • Ankur Debbarma ya u r rt, bt unfortunately the era hasnt ended, al qaida's still dere with their new leader, laden was jst 1 of deir instruments wich has nw bin destroyed
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    • Aneek Roy Choudhury perfect peace will never be possible in the real world... one bad guy dies, a thousand will spring up to take his place,, maybe they will be more sinister.. but still we live for these small victories....
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    • Priyanka Debnath may its an end of a devil....bt dere r few qs wich we ned 2 asK ourselvs................earlier CIA itslf earlier helpd alqaida wit arms,nw dey r celebratng deir victory??! Morovr in d name of peace US destroyd a whol country namd IRAQ n tuk thousands of inocent lives in afganistan 4 d sake of dat devil???!!!.....so in wat way is US diffrnt den bin laden???
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    • Aneek Roy Choudhury well it was the USA who made laden, and it's clearly evident that USA is the bigger evil operating under the cloak of 'world peace' ... the real terrorists of the world don;t live inside caves and shout allh-hu akbar,, the real terrorists wear 5000$ armani suits and make secret dealings in 7 star hotels...
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    • Priyanka Debnath ya dats ri8.........so i thnk we shud nt celebrate d death of jst a play doll of deir hands.....D REAL DEVILS R STIL ALIVE!!!!!
      21 hours ago · 
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury that's true... but if we can't relish these small victories, life won't be worth living in this dismal planet....
      20 hours ago · 
    • Priyanka Debnath yah ri8..........bt i hav doubts dat whethr osama is realy dead or nt!!!........cos US has nt shown d body properly n dey hav alredy buried him!! n also US has declard many times osama s dead b4 also!!!...................lols :P :D
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    • Aneek Roy Choudhury lol,, never before with this much confidence...
      20 hours ago · 
    • Arijit Kumar Bandyopadhyay bt d biggest question howzz it gonna effect d sensex now..!!
      12 hours ago · 
    • Aneek Roy Choudhury eh, materialistic :P

      the trillions of dollars worth of shares invested in the anti-war companies should come down for the time being i guess...
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    • Kesaban Sankar Roy Choudhuri my ass...America will create one more LADEN.....America can never stop investing on making enemies..
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    • Aneek Roy Choudhury kesu,, stop bringing awkward things like ur ass into every conversation...

      and america didn't invest in making laden their enemy.. laden was a plan to terrorize the world to give away their freedom which backfired...
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