Friday, May 7, 2010

Poem of a prisoner

The wind is rustling through the
Corridors of time;
I am alone,captive in a room
Enjoying the punishment of my crime.

Some day in the dark prison,
I think of my lost days,
Some days I can feel the green of meadows,
And smell the fresh hays..

On some murky nights i can feel,
A hand slowly caressing me to sleep
A whispering voice telling me,
Everything is fine,and faith to keep...

I've forgotten whose voice it was,
I don't recall a single face,
But I know I killed a man,
And deliberately left a trace..

I don't remember who he was,
Or what he had done to me;
But my mind tells me if i meet him again,
I'll kill him again;with glee..

I'm losing control of my mind,
It wanders off in dark dungeons without me,
It forgets I'm scared of the dark.
I scream; but no-one hears my plea...

When the sun rays peep in through the bars,
Once or twice a day,
A vague picture of a vacation refurbishes,
Myself in a beach on may..

These bright thoughts,
which kept me alive for these fifteen years,
Are now fading away slowly,
The smiles in the photographs turning into tears...

The voice and the caressing hand,
Have gyrated into nightmares,
I can feel my life slowly wilting away;
Slowly crumbling into several layers........

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