Monday, May 10, 2010

Dedicated to History

History, you are the mystery yet to be unveiled,
The story of God,the symphony
of all those who came and took shield
under this big bright blue sky..

History, you are the steps of time;
Walking through,from a moment immemorial,
Keeping account of the chime
of almighty;the edifice and rubble..

History, you bring into being,
The forgotten stories of mankind.
All forget, but you remember every song
sung by the lover, bleeding in mind..

History,u aren't a dilapidated calender of lost dates,
You are the sweet smell of lilacs,
which made the poets mendicant,And gates
that brought treasure of life to maniacs..

History,you remind me of the sparkling chandeliers,
The splendor of forgotten courts,
The plight of a million peasants;
And the song of the vagrant,gliding through the vales..

History, you are the path,
that makes past come near;
The feeling of isolation which I hath
preserved for centuries,bereft my dear..

History,You are the impression of the bygone,
The light of past creeping through the crevices
of the bolted door of time,and alone
I stand before it;perplexed at the coagulated hours..

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