Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Powercut at zeus's drawing room

It is power-cut at Zeus's drawing room;
The whole world is in blackout,awaiting doom.
His lightning bolt is hanging by the switchboard,
Mildly flickering with the last drops of charge stored..

The butterflies at the garden of Eden are losing color
The trees in the world are no more of green demeanor.
Actually there are no more trees;no more singing bird,
No more swift breezes playing on yellow fields of mustard..

Poseidon's palace is withering,the walls falling in,
The whole world is arid, not a drop of rain.
His trident is lying around in a lonely corner;
Rusted,fragile,deprived of all it's power..

The mermaids at the depths of the ocean are endangered;
The corals in the world are no more multicolored;
Actually there are no more corals,no more flying dolphins,
No more towering waves riding on whale's fins..

It is party time at Hades's outhouse;
The whole world is burning,nothing left to douse.
His two pronged fork glittering in the shadow;
Darkness rippling on it's blades,casting a fiendish afterglow..

The furies are shrieking with delight;
There's no light in world,it's eternal night.
Hell has broken loose,the roses are no more red;
Actually there are no more roses,the last one was my heart that bled.


  1. pretty awesome man! heartfelt environmental writing... I suggest 2 things: read some articles on deep ecology if u r sure u wont be bored, or read some Gary Snyder. And, download and watch, "The Age of Stupid", which practically summarizes the last two stanzas... good work man!

  2. wat's deep ecology and who's snyder??

    both are new terms to me...

    well, I'll definitely search..

    thanks for the suggestions amigo...

  3. reminds me of Eliot's wasteland.... kudos....