Monday, May 17, 2010

A divine drop

I looked up at the sky,mesmerized;
The sky like a large dome full of
dreams lined with silvery clouds raised,
To touch the zenith,through the horizon..

The black clouds as nightmares
Blotted away the azure
Like the devil plaguing my dreams;
Trying to seize everything pure..

I still looked above;
The gentle breeze tantalizing my hair;
My mind like fleeting birds
Was gliding far,far and far..

I heard the distant symphonies of heaven,
Feeling the harmony in the tune of God's lyre
My heart pounded,and full of divine elation,
The surrounding was lost as in oblivion..

The frolicking kids got rinsed
from my sight.
so did the yellow leaves withered,
Seeking refuge in the rising wind..

The whole sky was now dark,
With little converging patches of blue,
The thunder began to crack,
The whole firmament into two..

My heart unknowingly knelt,
At the feet of the great power-
That caused the cloud to melt,,
That was behind the forest's murmur..

Then the first drop of rain
Like the blessing of the almighty
Fell on my eye,washing away
Some of the dreams,
Breaking the chord with everything bygone...

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