Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Earthlings--It's time to wake up

Of all the creatures ever,man is the most detestable,
He's the only creature that inflicts pain for sport;
Knowing it to be pain...............................

Earthling, this word stands for one who inhabits the world..

And many a times we tend to forget that we share this world with millions of other species and that we are not the ultimate masters who can do any damn thing to these non-human species without any consideration about their welfare.....

Animals have long been considered our companions,source of our food,clothing,entertainment etc.. But very few of us know or care to know the conditions under which all these is done..

"If all slaughterhouses had transparent walls,most probably all of us would turn vegetarians"... The way pigs,cattle,chicken etc are hoarded in together,given artificial diets which  would contribute to their unnatural fattening which is virtually impossible in the incredibly congested and filthy atmosphere and most importantly the way in which they are slaughtered, still shaking and writhing in pain as blood drains out from their bodies with their offspring watching over is simply disgusting to say the least...

There are several laws which prohibit mistreatment of animals,but do the biggest industries of the world which make sky-rocketing profits from these animals who don't know how to speak in our tongue to make us understand the pain we're inflicting on them; care about the laws?? No, they don't... It's upto us to make them understand, upto us to take a step...

Wild animals are being captivated and tortured to entertain us, in circuses,zoo's and several other violent games like bull fighting... some say zoos are for educational purposes,but what education can we possibly get by watching wild animals being held captive in a small cage? Zoos will exist as long as our interest for exotic things will exist,and animals will be treated just like that---things....

It's time we stop making the sea red with whale blood,it's time we stop killing animals in the name of scientific experiments, it's time to take steps in order to preserve the balance of nature,it's time to think about the other earthlings..

Here are things u can do--

1.adopt from shelters.spray and neuter your pets.Never buy from pet stores or breeders.

2.stop wearing leather,fur,down and wool

3.refuse to support animals in entertainment including circuses,zoos,rodeos etc

4.never buy products tested on animals.only support research where animals are not used.

Change doesn't come in a day, but change does come from YOU..

Pioneer the change and see the world change around you...

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