Sunday, October 10, 2010


Headlights staring blankly into the bleak night,
Dark asphalt, spread before like the wings of a mummified albatross..
The smell of burnt diesel rising up inside my lungs..
Dark night, pierced only by the slowly dwindling headlights...

Obfuscated trees flying along the window pane,
Like some resurfaced forgotten dreams fleeting away from memory..
The difference between the sky and the ground,real and imaginary;
Is also melting away,, only thing separating them are the slowly dying headlights..

Is it my past life I'm running from?
Or the uncertainty of the future?
But at the middle ground, both look the same, dark.
Just a glimmer,, showing the way,,the flickering headlights...

Destination, still unknown,,dawn, still not in sight,
Remaining only the fossilized excerpts  from an untold story,
Scattered along the forgotten alley along the paths of memory,
The hope of reaching still rests in the twinkling headlight...

No noise ring in my ears,, just an eerie silence
Except for the revving engine..
But even that sound is being muffled slowly,
As seen by the last vision of the dead headlight....


The sun has set,
The evening appeared as a gem;
The flower blossomed,
The lady closed her eyes in grief,
The chirping birds head for long fostered abode,
The moon appeared, with twinkling smile..
The fragrance of flowers melted into the air around,,
And at that moment the question rang-- which flowers would you choose?
What wealth would you get?
The goddess of sleep descended into the eyes of the sleep-deprived souls....

The sun has set...........

Abohoman-- means flowing....  And the story keeps flowing, into the past, takes a peek at the present and goes back into the past again.. It is this fluidity which keeps the spirit of the film alive.. Right from the first scene, the comparison between the bygone days and the present day has been drawn.. Two parallel stories- one about the situation after the demise of world renowned film director Aniket dies and the other while shooting for his film Binodini...

According to tinsel town gossip this story was loosely based on the relationship between Satyajit Ray and Madhabi Mukherjee... But in this narrative Rituporno transcends the story to a greater height, make it more than a tale of scandal.. The dilemma between the characters, the personal journeys, everything has been portrayed with a certain glitz.  

The two stories often get intermixed intentionally to obscure the boundaries between the characters of Sikha and Binodini. The acting has been top notch from all the actors,with a special mention to Dipankar Dey and Ananya Chatterjee.. 

This film is not above flaws,, and draws much from Rituporno's own earlier film The last lear.. the editing has been lackluster with the dubbing not being proper,,.. But all this minor flaws can be overlooked considering the heart of the film.. Such type of films should be encouraged and it definitely deserved the National award. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fisher King(1991)

I love to dream of fame, maybe I'll shine,
I'd like to see your name right beside mine,
I can see were in harmony, looks like we both agree,
On what to do and I like it,
How about you? 

The depths of guilt, anguish and sorrow are visited and revisited again and again in "The fisher king"..  An once famous radio jockey loses his life when one of his listeners committed a mass massacre , apparently after hearing his advice.. Lost in life, he attempts at ending it.. But upon a curious turn of events he meets an apparently crazy person and together they tie the strings and pull the chords and ultimately sing the lore of the flowing human spirit..

But buried within the layers of fantasy, sometimes the truth surfaces it's ugly face, the past comes back to haunt over and over again, love seems lost, beauty seems transitory.. But that's not life is it? Beyond the mundane cup of honor, does really the holy grail lie? 

One of the most wonderful displays of acting I've ever seen. Jeff Bridges as the disgruntled RJ, Robin Williams as the homeless guy with a tragic past, Mercedes Ruehl as the loving friend and Amanda Plummer as the uncoordinated girl,,, every single one outshone in this Terry Gilliam classic....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Das Wunder von Bern(The Miracle of Bern)(2003)

That was my last shot, right into the net;
That was my best shot, i can bet.
Did we win, did we lose, does it matter?
But i know with every shot, I'm getting better...

Underdog stories where someone or some team comes up victorious in the race of life, overcoming all hurdles is quite common in the celluloid history.. But very few of them are as honest in the depiction of events as "The Miracle of Bern". It follows the story of the journey of the German team in the 1954 world cup. But more intriguing are the various sub-plots running parallel in perfect cohesion, like that of the soldier who returned home after the war and finding it extremely difficult to cope up, the small boy trying to live his dreams and how life goes on despite all the oddities.

It may not be as thrilling as some other sports films, but it definitely touches the heart.. The feelings of tenderness, love and trying to get one step ahead abound in this film. It is inspirational in it's own way.. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A-pee-Jay :D

Both Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan go to auditioning for the role of James Bond in a new Bond film.. 

They are told to perform a stunt sequence where they have to jump above an obstacle... Both jump, but one breaks his leg.. But the other person is perfectly alright.. 

 Guess who didn't break his leg??

 Daniel Craig..




bcoz Shorter Bonds are harder to break...

Friday, October 1, 2010

My friends, my life, my phone

The eastern horizon was ravishingly red,
But alas i was on my bed, sleeping like dead.

Just then my ears buzzed with a nostalgic tone,
It was the mesmerizing alarm of my mobile phone!

Calling me into a life full of dreams,
A walk down the memory streams..

Reminded me of my lost days under the sun,
The moments with my friends,the hours of fun..

The mindless clicking of pictures of a sleeping buddy,
The long sms chats, while pretending to study..

All those nights we spent talking with each other,
The strange meanings of friendship we tried to decipher;

Life seemed so bright, as we seized the sands of time;
But didn't know it would slip away,like a defeated king's regime..

Those days stared back at me blankly, didn't say much;
What if I could bring them back with just OneTouch??