Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fisher King(1991)

I love to dream of fame, maybe I'll shine,
I'd like to see your name right beside mine,
I can see were in harmony, looks like we both agree,
On what to do and I like it,
How about you? 

The depths of guilt, anguish and sorrow are visited and revisited again and again in "The fisher king"..  An once famous radio jockey loses his life when one of his listeners committed a mass massacre , apparently after hearing his advice.. Lost in life, he attempts at ending it.. But upon a curious turn of events he meets an apparently crazy person and together they tie the strings and pull the chords and ultimately sing the lore of the flowing human spirit..

But buried within the layers of fantasy, sometimes the truth surfaces it's ugly face, the past comes back to haunt over and over again, love seems lost, beauty seems transitory.. But that's not life is it? Beyond the mundane cup of honor, does really the holy grail lie? 

One of the most wonderful displays of acting I've ever seen. Jeff Bridges as the disgruntled RJ, Robin Williams as the homeless guy with a tragic past, Mercedes Ruehl as the loving friend and Amanda Plummer as the uncoordinated girl,,, every single one outshone in this Terry Gilliam classic....

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