Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Das Wunder von Bern(The Miracle of Bern)(2003)

That was my last shot, right into the net;
That was my best shot, i can bet.
Did we win, did we lose, does it matter?
But i know with every shot, I'm getting better...

Underdog stories where someone or some team comes up victorious in the race of life, overcoming all hurdles is quite common in the celluloid history.. But very few of them are as honest in the depiction of events as "The Miracle of Bern". It follows the story of the journey of the German team in the 1954 world cup. But more intriguing are the various sub-plots running parallel in perfect cohesion, like that of the soldier who returned home after the war and finding it extremely difficult to cope up, the small boy trying to live his dreams and how life goes on despite all the oddities.

It may not be as thrilling as some other sports films, but it definitely touches the heart.. The feelings of tenderness, love and trying to get one step ahead abound in this film. It is inspirational in it's own way.. 

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