Friday, October 1, 2010

My friends, my life, my phone

The eastern horizon was ravishingly red,
But alas i was on my bed, sleeping like dead.

Just then my ears buzzed with a nostalgic tone,
It was the mesmerizing alarm of my mobile phone!

Calling me into a life full of dreams,
A walk down the memory streams..

Reminded me of my lost days under the sun,
The moments with my friends,the hours of fun..

The mindless clicking of pictures of a sleeping buddy,
The long sms chats, while pretending to study..

All those nights we spent talking with each other,
The strange meanings of friendship we tried to decipher;

Life seemed so bright, as we seized the sands of time;
But didn't know it would slip away,like a defeated king's regime..

Those days stared back at me blankly, didn't say much;
What if I could bring them back with just OneTouch??


  1. Beautiful poem very well written! The Punch line at the end is awesome!

  2. Thanks a lot.... I'm very glad that you liked it...

  3. awesome dude... not a read a single poem so far in this competition... definitely did not expect such a nice one... great great post.. thumbs up.

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  5. @lolland-- thanks mate..

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  6. Wonderful poem Aneek! Beautifully written. Enjoyed reading it. Promoted it too :)

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    Take care man :)

  7. Beautiful lines!The end did that touch.All the best for the contest.
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  8. Hey lovely poem.. stumbled upon it just by chance.. never read poems voluntarily.. but this was very sweet.. Wonder how many more I've missed. Good luck for the contest. And you needn't check my blog/post.:-)))