Sunday, October 10, 2010


Headlights staring blankly into the bleak night,
Dark asphalt, spread before like the wings of a mummified albatross..
The smell of burnt diesel rising up inside my lungs..
Dark night, pierced only by the slowly dwindling headlights...

Obfuscated trees flying along the window pane,
Like some resurfaced forgotten dreams fleeting away from memory..
The difference between the sky and the ground,real and imaginary;
Is also melting away,, only thing separating them are the slowly dying headlights..

Is it my past life I'm running from?
Or the uncertainty of the future?
But at the middle ground, both look the same, dark.
Just a glimmer,, showing the way,,the flickering headlights...

Destination, still unknown,,dawn, still not in sight,
Remaining only the fossilized excerpts  from an untold story,
Scattered along the forgotten alley along the paths of memory,
The hope of reaching still rests in the twinkling headlight...

No noise ring in my ears,, just an eerie silence
Except for the revving engine..
But even that sound is being muffled slowly,
As seen by the last vision of the dead headlight....

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