Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Toy Story 3

The distant memories of childhood all rush back while watching toy story... And it was no different for the third installment of this classic pixar franchise, arguably one of the best animated film series ever which gets better with each film..... 

Andy is 17 years old and now he has to go to college.. Will he abandon his old  playmates buzz, woody, jesse and others and put them with trash? Or will he stash them in the attic? The confusion lingers on as new places, new toys and new adventures unravel before us...

Toy story leaves us spellbound at the innocence of childhood, the fragrance of old days that linger on, the decisions we have to make, the hearts we have to break, the unfulfilled promises,, but the thing which shines out amidst all these is the feeling of togetherness... Whatever be the situation, the warm feeling of friends looking after you and caring for you.. 

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