Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dirge of a dream, death of a seeker

Came and went the moment of truth,
The seeker sought after the evanescent sleuth 
But he returned from his quest with bare hands,
'Coz the tracks of time had vanished within the sands...

The mythical sands of time had blown past the horizon,
Hiding the already red sun and the dusky dawn,
It pierced the yellow withered leaves
Along with the lonely heart that convoked grieves..

The seeker didn't know that his quest,
Was never meant to be fruitful,
He didn't know that the pain in his chest
Was his own treacherous heart afoul..

All that he believed in faded into the void,
All his dreams deserted him, 
And he stared at the reality,
Which he was trying so hard to avoid...

He couldn't face the truth nor could turn away,
His barren heartland had nothing more to say,
The seeker had lost another battle,
His dying sigh didn't even make the last grain of sand rattle...

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