Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Steps to writing fiction

10 steps to writing fiction: 
Step 1: Decide the subject matter- 

The first step into writing good fiction is deciding on the topic you want to write about. For starters it would be good to pin-point on one idea and then elaborate it. In case of a novel 
there should be many sub-plots which will be connected to the main plot. But in case a of story the number of sub-plots should be kept at a bare minimum. 

Step 2: remember truth is stranger than fiction:
You should follow the events happening around you. Many famous fiction stories have been inspired from the surroundings including peter pan. Who knows which event will inspire you to write a masterpiece! A falling leaf can become the pioneer of autumn, so always keep your eyes and ears open for inspiration.

Step 3: Discuss
You should always discuss your ideas with friends and family. Don't make a belief in your mind that they will laugh at you. They can be your first proof reader and can even suggest improvements. This really works, so don't refrain from sharing your ideas. 

Step 4: Have a sound base in the language you are writing:
A good knowledge in the language you are writing is of primal importance. Correct grammar will take you a wrong way and if it is the other way round then your progress will be halted in midway. So if your grasp over the language isn't good, first improve that and then start writing.

Step 5: Think crazy
While writing fiction, you can't be bound within the stereotyped relationships and yawn inducing storyline. You have to think out of the block. When Jules Verne wrote about submarines, nobody considered him seriously, but see the situation now. So give wings to your dreams and let them fly, unobstructed.

Step 6:Don't think too much about future:
Sometimes writers ponder too much about things like "what will happen when my first book is published", "what will I say during my Booker acceptance speech" and things like that. This will only rupture your concentration and nothing else. What will happen will happen. You have no hand in that. You just need to write a good piece which everyone will enjoy.

Step 7: Know your limits:
Don't overestimate yourself, and for that matter the reverse is also true- don't underestimate yourself. You are the only person who knows your capabilities. So remain within your boundary while writing and create exquisite stuff.

Step 8: Don't be afraid at writer's block:
All writers experience writer's block at some point or the other. Ideas seem to dry up and all the paths seem dark. But don't get frustrated. There is always a way out. So just keep your mind open and think about what you are writing every once in a while.

Step 9: Submit your work:
You have to be brave enough to be able to submit your work. Don't live under the fear of rejection even before you have tried. If you have done your job whole heartedly, then success is bound to follow you one day or the other.

Step 10: Learn to accept rejection:
Many people break down at rejection and find it hard to find new inspiration to continue writing. But rejection is just a step in the path of success. Take rejection positively and begin again with new vigor and enthusiasm. You will definitely overcome all the obstacles one day. 

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