Sunday, September 19, 2010

The tunes that don't leave me!!

Everybody likes to hear songs, tap to the beats, sometimes even gather up courage and take hold of the microphone on the stage [This reminded me of a recent event, and since i've nothing better to do, I'm gonna share it here, although it is quite unrelated to the topic on which i thought i wud b writing when i started typing.... So it was teacher's day celebration at our college.. And everything was boring as usual, typical speeches, dripping air conditioners, super-miserly food etc etc... And when the program was almost about to end, a guy stepped up on to the stage.. A first year guy,took a hold of the microphone and started singing.. 2 seconds passed, 4 seconds passed and that's when the audience realized that now even Himesh had competition.. And as all sane people should do when they notice another indication towards a vocal attack(read indication of the third world war, or the apocalypse),they started clapping.. And after around 15 seconds the guys controlling the microphone switched off it's power.. But that singer guy was as strong and defiant as Mallika Sherawat when asked to do a dance sequence with all her clothes on.. He stood up in the face of firing(read claps and boos) and continued his singing( or whatever the sound coming out of a vocal chord that could scare an octopus into taking up arms{:P} is called)...  and this continued for the next 4 minutes.. God knows what he was singing, but nobody could ignore the courage and dedication this guy had shown.. He sure will shine in whatever he does in his life( but let's hope he doesn't take up singing, because humans' tolerance limit  to Himeshs' is always less than or equal to one)..]]

Gosh, what was i trying to write about?? Forgot... well, let's keep that for another day.....

Do i use too many brackets?

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  1. " whatever the sound coming out of a vocal chord that could scare an octopus into taking up arms"................ loved the line...... keep writing, coz we really need such food in this creativity starved campus