Monday, February 11, 2013

Ruby Sparks (2012)

A "one novel wonder" young writer is suffering from writer's block and keeps seeing a girl in his dreams. Instigated by his shrink he stumbles on the idea of writing a novel about the girl making her a part of his life. Suddenly to his astonishment he finds that girl, in his apartment, in flesh and blood. This movie documents his journey from plain surprise, to a picture perfect love story to several complications and finally rediscovering his love.

This movie deals with the idea of materializing an idea and how the protagonist deals with it, inter-spread with several funny and moving moments. Nobody can be perfect, and nothing in life can be tailor-made, keeping this basic ideology in mind, Jonathan Dayton (the man behind the gem "Little miss sunshine") takes the viewer to a roller coaster ride of emotions and tries to keep our mind off the "impossible" and focus on the human angle.

The acting in the film was quite mediocre from the female lead, Zoe Kahan and she seemed quite irritating at some parts, that maybe intended; but Paul Dano gave a brilliant performance as the emotionally disturbed writer with only his brother as a friend dealing with all the strange events occurring in his life.

Characters coming to life or authors controlling creations in real life has been earlier seen in movies like "stranger than fiction" , "Deconstructing Harry" or "purple rose of cairo". What separates this film from the others is it's inclination towards revealing the vulnerabilities of the characters rather than only fixating on the funny side, which makes this film darker and to be critical a little boring. But if you enjoy a movie just for the emotional drama and a decent story-line, you should give this a watch. 

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