Friday, February 1, 2013


Argo -- A thrilling caper film set in 1979, where an Exfil expert CIA agent (played by Ben Affleck) tries to rescue 6 American diplomats trapped in Iran in a state of political outrage. The film maintains its brisk pace right from the beginning and sustains an atmosphere of suspense which keeps on increasing as the film progresses. Although the film has been accused of moulding history I felt that it was necessary to keep the drama intact while following a story based on true life. The supporting cast of the film including Alan Arkin and Bryan Cranston (breaking bad fame) did an excellent job while Affleck proved it once again that he's a much better director than an actor.

The film's award nomination streak shows once again that Americans are really obsessed with the heroism of their intelligence agencies or the military and in order to satisfy this, unnatural glorification of certain characters was evident during the course of the movie. But all in all it was a good watch, thrilling and surprising the audience at the same time.

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