Thursday, June 10, 2010


The sun during midday will light up the dark night.
Night dreams of day.
Light dreams of darkness. 
But the ignorant sun will chase away the darkness
and burn the shadows... 
eventually burning itself!
The shade of the tree
with the flowers that bloom at night
is where the residents of darkness rest. 
The people of daytime are not allowed!

What happens when dream mixes with reality and their intermingling creating a world so unearthly, a dream so vivid, a nightmare so dark that the very fabric of the cosmos is being threatened by it?
This is what paprika is.A dream, two dreams, many many dreams all of which verge in on a huge delusional nightmare.

The main thread of the story is 'DC mini' a next generation technology which lets one to see his dreams and others to enter that dream. we have seen infinite times before that a virtually innocuous thing may turn deadly, and exactly that happens here. Dream terrorists rise, people penetrate into other people's dream and try to control them, and amidst all these our central characters run within dreams and realities whose distinction is being constantly blurred.

Paprika is not about reality and not about dream, it's about the mixture of the two and hence can't be totally comprehended by neither the conscious nor the subconscious mind. It will leave you in a dreamy state.

Recommended to all those who like David lynch's stuff, Miyazaki films, the fall, tim burton's big fish etc.

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