Sunday, November 21, 2010

walking past the presence of future

Am I,, chasing the mirage behind the shadows??
Trying to feel the wind behind close windows??
Am I,,desiderating to dream with open eyes??
Wanting truths to re-surface from the depths of lies??

Was I, alive? or living under the illusion of life?
Too lost in the reflection to notice the shimmering knife?
Was I, watching the watch, or was the watch watching me?
Counting each passing moment, anticlockwise till eternity?

Will I, ever wake up? to feel the warmth of a dissolving noon?
Or will a cold morning fade into a colder evening too soon?
Will I, be able to conjure a dream out of reality again?
Or will the dream become my reality,marked with a bloody stain?

I am,, watching the night with eyes wide open;
Taking in the darkness,noticing the black turning ashen.
I am,, looking at the horizon, waiting for the next dawn;
Preparing for a fight, a fight into the light, a light out of the night..